Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

The agreement between Oval Infotech Pvt Ltd and business is subject to the following terms and conditions. 

General Business Agreement

The document describes the terms and conditions of our business relationship. All services that Oval Infotech Pvt Ltd for, e.g., hereafter referred to as “Oval Infotech” or “We” or “Us.” May be hired to provide for you will be subject to the following:

Use of Informations

Personal information that visitors submit to us is used only for the purpose for which it provided or for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary goal. Copies of correspondence sent through the web may contain personal information stored as archives for record-keeping and back-up purposes only.


We always do our level best to fulfill your needs and meet your objectives. But some cases ‘it’s best to have a few things are written down. So that both of us know what’s what?. What is going on if anything goes wrong? In this contract, you ‘won’t find critical legal terms. We don’t wish to trick you into consenting to something that you might later don’t want. We want ‘what’s best for both of our safety, now and always.

In Nutshell

You are hiring us for either the editing or enhancement of images, floor-plans, video, or text. You are hiring us for an agreed price as outlined in your fees.

Both Of Us Agree To Do?

If we are providing service for you, we will graphic designs as best we can be based on the information you provide us at the beginning of the project. If ‘you’re not happy with our works at any stage, you may either request a re-work of the project which can granted at our discretion. Here you agree to provide information at the start that is necessary to complete the project to your specification.

Image & Video Editing

We do modify supplied content, to suit the category chosen by you, or by the requests you made at the beginning of a project. If your claims fall outside what we say that we will deliver, you may incur extra charges to complete those tasks. If we couldn’t complete a project for you due to an unforeseen event or complication, we agree to refund you gave to Oval Infotech within a specified amount of time.

Legal Terms

We can not guarantee that the content we return to you will not be viewed as misleading or wrong from another person or company’s perspective. So we couldn’t be liable to you or any third party for issues, including a loss in profits, loss in savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the provision of our service.
You also agree that we do not know how the output data or it is going to used and we can’t be held liable to you or any third party for any issues. Including loss in profits, loss in savings or other incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of how you have chosen to use the output data.
If any provision of this agreement is unlawful, then that provision will be deemed severable from this agreement. And it won’t affect the enforceability and validity of any remaining provisions.