Outsource Portrait Hair Masking Service

   At Cretivefotoz, we provide professional hair masking services to photographers, Photo studios, designers, e-commerce websites, and many more. Our hair covering services are suitable for standard images, Fashion images, model images with hair detail, product images with fur detail, clothing designs, enhancing items like pom-poms, animals and cultivation images, and so forth.

   Our architects evaluate your image and then produce a layer cover alpha channels dependent on what you require. Our hair masking services are most appropriate for images containing as part of fur specifying that you might want to hold. In contrast to clipping paths, which are vector and hand-drawn, our Photoshop masking technique is covering disconnects pixels are empowering more details.

Hair Masking Services At Creativefotoz

   At Creativefotoz, our hair masking procedure includes taking out detail-rich articles from the risky foundation of an image. Our photo editing experts have excellent experience of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom who are capable of making any customized request. The image editing team at creativefotoz has extended periods of involvement in image hair masking.

We utilize various strategies for hair masking including 

Alpha Channel Masking

   We add alpha channels to make and store masks, just as control and ensure portions of an image. We utilize this procedure for candid and translucent photos that are hard to mask by making layers over them.

Complex Layer Masking

   We add masking to a layer and utilize the cover to hidden portions of the segment and uncover the layer that lies beneath. Complex layer masking is a necessary compositing procedure for combining various images into one image or for removing a person/object from an image. This method is utilized to cover items out of sight of an image – including smoke, plumes, or hair.

Transparent Masking for Glass Images

   In this system, we make a photoshop file with two layers, one clear and the other containing the image to be made straightforward. Transparent items, for example, the glass should be removed in an image, require this strategy of image masking.

Photoshop Collage Masking

   We composite various images to make a computerized arrangement, holding good qualities in each image. This strategy is utilized to remove the background of an image, leaving the source subject in the image as it stands.

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